Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs in Sioux Falls

At American Certified Services, Inc., we understand that when your Sioux Falls home is having garage door issues, it can add unnecessary frustration and disruption to your life. However, you can rest easy because our expert Sioux Falls garage door repair technicians are qualified to service your garage door and get it back to perfect working order in no time! Give us a call today, and let American Certified Services, Inc. fix any of your garage door repair needs in Sioux Falls. The top six most common garage door repair issues include:

1. The Garage Door Sticks Open or Closed
2. The Garage Door Moves Unevenly
3. The Garage Door Falls Too Quickly
4. The Garage Door Makes Loud Noises
5. The Garage Door Remote Control Fails
6. The Garage Door Spring Broke
7. Garage Door Track Alignment
8. Garage Door Sensor Alignment
9. Garage Door Transmitter
10. Blocked Garage Door
11. Garage Door Disconnect Switch Enabled
12. Garage Door Won’t Go Down All the Way
13. Garage Door Manually Locked
14. Broken Garage Door Cable